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We can extract data from any website.

We can extract e-mails, phone numbers, addresses, images, text, or any kind of data you need from any website in a smart and discrete way. Professional. Fast. Cheap.

  • Contact Info, Text, Numbers, Images, etc.
  • FREE Demo for your project
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  • 100% Discreteness & Security
  • Multiple File Formats: XLS, TXT, CSV, HTML, XML, SQL Databases or any custom format.
  • Additional Services: Visualization of Data (Charts, Dashboards, etc.), Statistical Interpretation, Big Data Manipulation


E-mails, Phone Numbers, Addresses

Company Information

Descriptions, Specifications, Texts

Images and videos

How does it work?

You explain what data you need gathered, from what websites.

We show you a free demo, sample data and send you the price.

We extract the data from the websites and send it to you in the format that you need.

Frequent Questions

You can pay securely by Credit Card or PayPal

We accept payments via Bank Transfer. 

You can order from any country in the world.

We are a company specialised on data extraction, manipulation and interpretation. We offer specialised services: OCR, Data Extraction, Document Indexing, Web Scraping, Excel VBA Services and much more. We are based in Romania and we offer our services to every country in the world.

File Formats that we offer


  • SQL Database, CSV, ACCDB
  • JPG, PNG
  • Word DOC (DOCX)
  • Excel XLS (XLSX)
  • PPT PowerPoint

We can scrape data from many types of websites. If we cannot gather data from a website for any reason, we will notify you before.

Examples of information we can extract

  • Names
  • Phone Numbers
  • E-mails
  • Texts
  • Business Information
  • Product information
  • News articles
  • Facebook Information
  • Reviews
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Forms
  • Website links
  • Lists
  • Entire websites
  • Keywords

Yes! We can help you make your digitization project a success.

We can also work together with you on projects from Public Bids and as a subcontractor. We do whatever we can to meet the necessary specifications.

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  • Free Tests and Samples for your project with your data.
  • Customized services for specific projects
  • Data Security
  • Scaling of People & Equipment
  • We can work on a weekly or monthly basis
  • 24/7 Support (Phone & e-mail)
  • Mobility & On-Site Working

Web Scraping Services

Our Web Scraping Services for internet websites are available anywhere in Europe, America, Africa and Australia.

OCR File Conversion Services

If you would like to receive web crawling prices or rates, please, please contact us and we will provide you with a quote. We are a data scraping company that provides data extraction services . The cost of scraping services is very cheap and the advantages are very big in terms of saved effort and time.

Tell us about your project.

We offer specialised services: OCR, Data Extraction, Document Indexing, Web Scraping, Excel VBA Services and much more. Tell us about your project and we’ll tell you how we can help.